information for new members

Information about joining the MSU Fencing Club

How to Join

note: practice will be held virtually for the fall 2020 semester – see our covid-19 plan for more information

In order to join, all you really need to do is come to one of our practices and we will get you situated with the proper materials, introduce you to the weapons, etc. Practice is held from 8-10 pm, Monday – Friday at IM west. We are a great club for both casual and serious members – you are free to choose which days you come to practice. 

The optimal time for new fencers to join us is at the start of a new semester, as this is the time where we will have official events and lessons to introduce new members to the sport. However, all students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join our fencing club at any time throughout the year.

We will have an official new members welcome zoom meeting for those interested in joining the MSU Fencing club this fall 2020 semester. If you’re interested in learning more about our club, check out our “about the club” and “about the sport” pages.

If you want to join us for the Fall 2020 semester, be sure to sign up below so we can contact you with links to our virtual practices and new member’s introductory meeting!

What to bring

All you need is gym clothes, a water bottle, and yourself. New fencers are able to borrow gear from our armory (note: due to covid-19 we will not be sharing or lending out gear until the spring) or buy their own via our annual gear order. Normal gym attire is acceptable. Epeeists should wear long pants or knickers with long socks while fencing due to the full-body target area of the weapon. Additionally, IM West water is pretty disgusting so bringing enough water to last you through the practice is highly recommended.

Remember, our practices are VIRTUAL for Fall 2020. Be sure to sign up in order to join our workouts, practices, and new member welcome events!

What to Expect

1. Sign our waiver.

Fencing is a safe sport, but it is a contact sport and sometimes accidents happen. Signing our waiver tells us that you are sufficiently healthy enough to participate in this activity and accepting the risk of accidents and injuries that may happen out of participation.

2. A quick introduction to the basics of the sport: the weapons, footwork, and how to hold a blade.

Your first day, one of our members will give you a fencing 101 rundown and all the knowledge you will need to get started with the sport. If you are already familiar with fencing, we will introduce you to the squads and you will be free to fence.

3. A chance to try all three weapons and meet the squads.

After learning the basics, you will have the chance to spend the next few practices rotating between the different weapons in order to get a feel for which fencing style and squad you like the best. Once you have an idea of which discipline is the best for you, you can join your squad(s) of choice.

4. Once you know you’re going to stay, join the virtual roster.

We are a club that loves to gain new members to participate in and learn the sport of fencing together. After joining our roster you will officially be a member of the MSU Fencing family. 

5. Dues 

(Note: there will be NO DUES until in person practice resumes next semester) Dues are $60 a semester. However, new members only need to pay $10 at the start of the semester and the rest of the amount at the end/when they are confident they want to stay with the club. Paying dues allows us to provide everyone the opportunity to learn the sport, we use dues to provide members with gear and the chance to travel for competitions.


We are a great club for teaching and learning. Our club is made up of fencers who started the sport in college and those who have been fencing their whole lives. All of us learn, compete, and experience the sport together.



Some members are interested in competing. If you are a new fencer, you absolutely can still compete – we have tournaments for all different levels of fencers and the newbie tournament will be perfect for you. For those interested in earning ratings, we have groups who travel for USFA tournaments you may join. Overall, our travelling team is a healthy mix of fencers who started their career in freshman year and those who have been fencing long before college – both groups have performed greatly at tournaments. Do not hesitate to participate in a competition, going to these meets is the best way to learn the sport and always a ton of fun!